Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three days in and loving it!

We are now in Portland Maine, it's raining like heck, and we don't care. It's soooo nice to not care too much about the weather again. I guess I don't have to tell anyone how lucky we were to have our wedding day turn out the way it did.
The circumstances of the weather really illustrated the whole yin and yang thing. If we had not had all the clouds, would we have noticed the "sun event" as much?

We are reliving every moment of the day, and basking in all the love and well wishes of you all.
I can't even begin to express how precious this time is.

Which leads me to this-
A lot of folks seem sad the blog will end and want it to keep going. All I know to do is to slowly morph it into something else.
One thing that was suggested is to have guest bloggers who want to write about their experiences of the day and night.
We liked the idea and propose this:

- send us your thoughts ( and we will post you and if you have a blog or website send the link also.
Many people who met that night want to keep in touch.

-there will be a link to a website with all of Shawn's photographs (I will email you when that is posted) and we will post any photos you want to share on that site too.

- everyone was so generous in bringing AMAZING dishes to share, I want to start posting them soon. Please, I had so many coming up to me asking "did you get the recipe of so and so", and I really only have a handful at the moment. If you had a favorite that night, send it to me and I'll post kudos to the chief.

-there are talks on the table about another 'fest marking our anniversary next year around this time, so we have a whole year to ponder and write about it!

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