Friday, October 16, 2009

A Message from Mom

The Wedding was spectacular. Just as the vows ended, for the first time in days, the sun came out! Then during the Ring of Fire there was a brief moment of “Moonlight In Vermont!” If you believe in signs then surely this was a marriage made in Heaven.
Thanks to my three Grandchildren for taking such good care of Granny Annie in the airports and thanks to all of Jackie and Glenn’s wonderful friends and to the Campbell Clan who pitched in to help make this event so memorable. A special thank you to Glenn’s Aunt Ginny for being so friendly and making me feel at home and to Donna for transporting me back and forth. That Donna is an awesome driver. She fearlessly slid me right up to the Third Meadow. I’ll ride with Donna anywhere!
A final thought: Last summer Glenn took back to Vermont , in a big barrel, some Carolina red clay to have at the Wedding. Well not to be outdone, I brought back from the Wedding , not in a barrel but on my shoes, a lot of Vermont black mud which yesterday I sprinkled over the grass in my yard. The circle is now complete!
Love to All from Jackie’s Mom
Anne Kirkman Wade

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