Monday, October 19, 2009


I wanted to share this image of one of the many things my new sister-in-law Julie did for me/us for our wedding. This was the table she set up in my dressing tent in the second meadow, and she also has a full length mirror, chairs and a coat rack to hang my dress on. For Glenn she orchestrated a "Robin Hood" room tucked up into the woods off the third meadow for him to get dressed in.
A brief rundown of some of the other things she was responsible for:
- She and my new Aunt Joannie, another incredibly talented woman (who, by the way made my beautiful bouquet and the boutonieres for the boys) wrapped those close to 200 napkin bundles
- She got all the tables decorated, put on bows and wrapped the candle poles the morning of the wedding
- She put together that amazing cheese platter and decorated the cheeses with greenery and wildflowers from the meadow
- She was there to accept and distribute the ocean of food brought by all our generous friends (and we would like to thank Seth and Suzanna for helping her with that)
- She was a rock through it all - offering love, support and sisterly guidance to us both when we needed it most

Thanks Jules. We love you!

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  1. It was all an immense pleasure!!!
    I have to say that the Italian contingency (the Cagliones) all pitched in a lot every step of the way. The napkin folding night was a party in itself - Seth, Suzanna, Joannie, Al and I had quite the production line going while making sure the Pomegranate Martinis were just right.
    I love you guys... very much.