Friday, July 24, 2009

Not camping and need a place to stay?

For those coming in from out of town who feel tent camping in October leaves a little to be desired, here are some suggestions:

This is a B & B right down the road in Fair Haven, and the precious sounding woman who runs it told me she had 4 rooms, all with private baths available that weekend.

If you want a B & B in Rutland, this one is really nice, but hurry, they only have 2 rooms left that weekend, and they only book 2 or more nights, and the guy I talked to didn't sound precious at all.

Yeah, I know that's a long freakin link there, but it's the Hampton Inn in Rutland. It seems to be the newest and best hotel around here and they have about 20 (minus one, I just reserved one for my mother) rooms out of their 80 something available.
It's a really popular weekend, what with the leaves and all.

And let's not forget the really, really big wedding tent with sides where, if you wanted to, you could blow up an air mattress and have a slumber party .....or something.

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