Friday, July 3, 2009

Moments in The Meadow

What a fabulous camping day in the meadow this past weekend!
After ALL the rain Vermont has gotten this season, I thought for
sure we would be washed out, but as you can see the force was
with us.
The rains have made the meadow lush, the wildflowers abundant
and the critters aplenty (good and bad). We are now feeling pretty
good about our decision to have our mergefest in October. You
can always put on another layer, but there is not an awful lot
you can do bout the bugs this time of year.
Still, it was stunning.
And about that last shot:
- in the tin can are the wildflowers in bloom right now
- tree parts make great coffee tables
- red clay from North Carolina makes a great conte' crayon
- that's not flat beer in the Magic Hat glasses
- Glenn likes his fire double
- sure, some people have second homes in Florida, but are they orange
with an exclamation point?

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