Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let Them Eat Pie!

I just love the internet. It never ceases to humor, enthrall and amaze me. I wanted to find a photograph of pies for this post and within five minutes was chuckling out loud.
First of all...for a little serious history of the apple pie we go to
www.homemadeapplepie.net and learn of the origins of pie.
Glenn enjoys cooking and eating apple pies, so I know he'll be making some for our event.
Me....well, I was looking for something a little different - something that was really me.
And, as usual, the internet came to the rescue with this delight -
I am so set!
And for any other of our amazingly talented friends who want to jump on the pie-making bandwagon, here is a sight anyone can follow!

And last but not least......by any means, is this sight that will give all of us ideas on campfire cuisine -www.chuckwagondiner.com/categories.php?id=11

How's about that Billy's Beer Butt Chicken!!!!!!!!

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