Monday, September 21, 2009

The manifestation of a bread oven

Really great Sunday in West Haven this past weekend! By the time we got there (and I thought it was early - great wedding by the way John and Paula) Charles and Hakan were already scouting out logs to make the base for the notorious bread oven Charles has been planning.
What a wonderful thing to witness, and I can't believe it is the one time we went out there without the camera (there again, great wedding John and Paula....I'm blaming it on that). Luckily, we had our trusty iphones with us, and even though the quality leaves a bit to be desired, we got documentation. And here goes!

First there is a lot of chopping and notching of the logs and fitting them together like Lincoln Logs to make the base for the bread oven, or B.O. for short - wait a minute, that's not good.

Anyway, next comes the building of the platform. I love the way Charles pegged it with branches he found to hold it together and make it sturdy.

Then he added the North Carolina/Vermont clay mixture and then fire bricks on top of that. After came the building of the sand "half egg" that will be the form for the outer layers of clay.

After applying a wet layer of newspaper for separation, Glenn got in on the action and helped build up the outer wall. The interior sand form and newspaper will be removed after it dries and the door is cut in.

And Voila! There she is in all her glory. I think Charles is planning more layers, but this is where she was when we left on Sunday. I can almost smell the bread baking now....
And Leah was there also, back from her awesome New Mexico trip and working on that fabulous belt for me!

Welcome back home Leah!

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