Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Works in Progress

Just wanted to share a sampling of some of the objects the mergefest is generating. This is the ceremonial bronze chalice we are currently working on at Campbell Plaster & Iron. It's very exciting, because it's the first truly collaborative object we have worked on at the shop.
The concept was this - to find the definitive chalice form, fabricate it (which Glenn did perfectly out of plaster) and adorn it with
something in keeping with the"meadow motif". The cup has leaves from the canopy of hardwoods we collected, and the stem has meadow flowers, grasses and fern. We haven't decided on a patina, if any. And the little bronze acorns have been fun (and taught me about wax work) and will be laying around on tables.
And this is the belt our friend Leah (what a talent) is making out of copper wire for my dress. It will go all the way down the front and be beaded with dyed freshwater pearls my future sis-in-law Julie got for me (thanks Jules). Also, be on the lookout, some of Leah's "pods" may make an appearance at the 'fest.

And be sure to check out the Etsy shop of twobeans.
Fabulous work.

Leah and Charles are something.

And Charles....Mr.Charles. Well, he is the mix master bread baker in da hood. Oh, yeah! Not only does he make the BEST bread, but also the oven to bake it in, Check out the photos of "The Littlest Oven" that he made with some North Carolina red clay we brought back from my home town (you'll hear that story later).

Charles wants to mix the red clay with clay from West Haven and make a bread oven in the meadow to bake in. How cool is that!!?

We are very blessed to have such talented friends in our lives, and we'll keep you posted as works unfold.

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  1. This is wonderful :)
    The chalice is absolutely beautiful and I really love the acorns :)

    you guys are the best, thank you for the feature :)