Sunday, June 21, 2009


After our ceremony, we will be celebrating our union by hosting a potluck. Rather than a gift, please bring your favorite signature dish to share. And in keeping with the abundance of the Harvest Moon weekend in Vermont, in appreciation, I would like to compile a downloadable cook book of all the recipes that were shared. If you could jot down the recipe you will be bringing and have it with you the day of the wedding, that would be great. We will be providing base and fill in food, so if you could also send a quick email about the dish you will be bringing, it would help me to plan a balanced spread. There will be chafing dishes available, so just let me know if you need one. We will have kegs of various Vermont brews (yeah Vermont brews!!!) and assorted wine, but if you want to brown bag it, feel free to. We will have mixers on hand. There will also be four fire pits with areas for grilling available in the camping spaces.
So, all and all, I think there will be mucho food, drink and merriment to be had!

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